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ZENIT PRO is a newly founded company of which the object of activity is represented by the trading of highest quality radiant panels. Our company acknowledges the global issues related to conventional energy and this is the reason why it joined those who found alternatives and new solutions, promoting renewable heating systems such as infrared radiant panels. SUNJOY radiant panels represent a true revolution in the heating system field and when we say this, we refer to the multiple advantages of such heating systems in comparison with other heating systems. SUNJOY infrared radiant heating system is famous worldwide as the leader in heat efficiency field, standing for the HEATING SYSTEM OF THE FUTURE. Sunjoy panel heats by using the same method according to which the sun heats the earth, by means of infrared radiation (4 – 14 microns) in a healthy, clean, natural, economic and comfortable manner, ensuring a uniform temperature in any corner and at any height of the room. SUNJOY radiant panels are original products, ensuring energy savings and exceptional therapeutic effects. Another range that we are trading is represented by PRIMA panels, which are as cost-saving as SUNJOY panels, the only difference between SUNJOY and PRIMA being represented by the fact that the latter does not provide a therapeutic effect. Our company’s wish is to promote exceptional products meant to substantially improve life quality.

Sunjoy heating provides a warm and natural environment for you, with low running costs. Designed on the same principle as that of the sun radiating the earth The Sunjoy Radiant Heating panel is a revolutionary energy efficient way to heat any environment whilst avoiding the unhealthy air compared to that of other types heating systems.
SUNJOY is an excellent heating system, which acts like solar energy to give you far infrared heat, and contributes to your well-being.
When you switch it on, SUNJOY creates a pleasant and comfortable environment by emitting mild radiant heat, just like the sunshine.
Its features include a low installation fee, cheap running costs and free maintenance. It is highly efficient, and saves around 30-50% energy, bringing about a quiet innovation in the field of commercial and industrial heating systems. Its use of a highly efficient Far Infrared Ray, means that it is highly effective at contributing to the body’s warmth and well-being.
The use of silver-nano materials brings about a sterilization effect; and anion [negative only] and Tourmaline material contribute to a deodorization effect.
SUNJOY is a radiant heating panel, designed to give a sense of well-being, with an emitting efficiency of more than 93%, and a wave-length of around 10… which matches human metabolic activity.


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